Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment does my daughter need?
Players are required to have an approved girls lacrosse stick, approved goggles, and a colored mouth guard (not white or clear).  Some girls like to wear gloves when it is colder. Coaches will assist with proper stick lengths and pocket depth based on the size/age of the player.

US Lacrosse list of approved women's lacrosse sticks

*NEW 2017* All goggles must meet the new ASTM 3077 safety standard.

US Lacrosse list of approved goggles

Girls who wear glasses can wear approved lacrosse goggles over their glasses unless the glasses protrude beyond the goggles or are uncomfortable. Sports glasses that meet the new ASTM lacrosse eyewear safety standard are also permitted. Ask you eye doctor for specifics. Some brands include Liberty Sports F8 and Rec-Specs. See US Lacrosse approved goggles page for more information.
To read more about equipment safety visit

What is the proper stick length?
A stick must be an overall length of 35.5 - 43.25 inches. The head must be seven to nine inches wide. The pocket of the stick must be strung traditionally; no mesh is allowed. The top of the ball when dropped in the pocket must remain above the side walls. A Modified Pocket is allowed in girls youth rules U9 and U11. Younger players may use an arms length stick if appropriate.

Hint for newer players: At the US Lacrosse coaches clinic, the instructors suggested putting a piece of tape on the stick to help the girls learn where to hold their top hand for throwing and shooting. The top hand should be held about 1/3 or the way down from the head.

When are practices?
The season begins Sundays in early March with indoor practice at Forekicks in Marlborough. Outdoor practices begin in late March/early April after the Town of Bolton opens the fields. Practice days and times are set by the team coaches and are typically scheduled once or twice during the week and/or Saturday.

When are games?
Games are played on Sundays April - June at Nashoba Regional High School and surrounding towns. The Founder's League Jamboree is in June.

How much does it cost for my daughter to play?
Registration fees are as follows: $150 if registered before 11/15.  A late fee is applied after November 15. Full payment is due with registration. NGL Players are required to have a valid Founder's Girls Lacrosse membership and fee and waiver are a part of registration. Founder's Girls Lacrosse fee is in addition to the NGL registration fees.

What's the refund policy?
Please refer to the Refund Policy Document.

My daughter has never played lacrosse before. Is that OK?
We welcome everyone to play lacrosse in K to 8th grade!

Our family is new to lacrosse. Where can I learn more?
Check out these resources to learn more about lacrosse and how parents can be involved:
US Lacrosse
Positive Coaching Alliance

My daughter is involved in other activities. What if she can't make all the practices?
Nashoba Girls Lacrosse's mission is to promote girls youth lacrosse in a fun environment, while developing lacrosse skills, and emphasizing teamwork, good sportsmanship, and integrity. Teammates learn to work together and depend on each other while expanding their lacrosse knowledge. Working as a team is an important life skill learned from participating in team sports. With this in mind, Nashoba Girls Lacrosse expects a commitment equal to your commitment to other activities. See the NGL Commitment Pledge in registration.

How do I email the entire team from the website?
Click on the Roster button on your teams page. When prompted enter your email address and registration password. You will then see a button that allowing you to email the team.

Who is the Team Parent?

Team Parent information is on the contact page for each team.

How do I change the email address that I use to receive NGL emails?

To edit your email address or other personal information, go to the NGL website and click on the “Edit My Account” button on the left hand side towards the bottom. When prompted enter your email address and registration password. You can then tab thru and update accordingly.

Is there an alternate west bound route to Horse Ring Field?

Take 117 west towards Bolton, turn right on to East End (after office park).  Take your first left onto Sugar Road.  After the 495 over-pass take a left at the stop sign continuing on Sugar Road (Corn Road is to your right).  At the stop sign at the end of the road take a left still continuing or Sugar Road (Golden Run will be our your right).  Follow Sugar Road until you come to set of lights on Route 117 by Colonial Candies and 495.  Turn right on to 117 west.  Take a left onto Mechanic Street.

My daughter just got her ears pierced. Can she wear earrings?

Girls must remove earrings and all jewelry before practices and games. Earrings cannot be tapped over. Only medical alert bracelets are permitted.